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Phil’s Weekend Wine Tip: Dr Deinhard Weisser Burgunder Trocken 2015 (The Corkscrew €17.95)

We’ve been experiencing a bout of delightful weather in Ireland over the past couple of weeks. This has, as you would expect, dictated my drinking choices and this weeks wine tip is a product of this influence. This was recommended to me when I was in The Corkscrew on Friday night for a light and fresh wine to match the weather.

Dr Deinhard Weisser Burgunder

Dr Deinhard Weisser Burgunder is made from German Pinot Blanc – the literal translation of Weisser Burgunder – and comes from the sister winery of the legendary Von Winning Winery. Dr Deinhard was Dr Friedrich Deinhard, who was the second owner of the winery, having inherited it from his father. The winery was originally named Deinhard, until Friedrich’s death. At this time the ownership of the winery passed to his daughter Emma and her husband Leopold von Winning took over the running.

Whilst the Von Winning winery will vinify their wines in oak barrels, the Dr Deinhard winery vinifies their wines in stainless steel, retaining the varietal character and showing off the terroir the wines come from. This wine is exactly that, with aromas and flavours of lemon, yellow grapefruit and pear and a delicate flavour profile. It has a medium body with a fairly viscous mouthfeel. There is also a crispness and freshness to the wine from its acidity, which has been retained well and balances that oily body in the mouth.

Easy to drink and very approachable, this is an excellent entry wine for anyone who wants to get into German wines and a great example of clean and fresh winemaking at its best. What to match this with? My recommendation would be a lovely goats cheese salad or even barbecued chicken, as long as the marinate isn’t a strong one.


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