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Phil’s Weekend Wine Tip: The Doctors Riesling 2015 (The Corkscrew €19.95)

IMG_20170613_202937I love Riesling. I think it is the most versatile and expressive grape and produces some of the best wines in the world. Some of the most famous Riesling in the world comes from the Mosel region of Germany and many producers try to emulate this style throughout the wine world.

This week I had the fortune to pick out a wine that hit this nail on the head. The Doctors is a wine that comes from the Forrest Estate Winery in Marlborough, New Zealand, which is named after John and Brigid Forrest, who own and operate the winery. John and Brigid both carry the title of Doctor, John a molecular biologist and Bigid a Senior Medical Officer at Hospice Marlborough and the wine takes its name from their titles.

Riesling can be made in a huge variety of styles and The Doctors Riesling at 27.9 g/l of sugar this is closer to medium, but with an excellent balance of acidity you wouldn’t know there was that much sugar in the wine. Crisp, clean and refreshing are the three words I would use to describe this wine, like consuming a bag of lemon sherbert, my mouth is even watering as I write this. The aromas of lemon, lime, green apple and slight petrol are all continued in the mouth. A great balance of flavour as well acidity and sweetness make for a weighty wine that still has a delicate flavour profile.

One of the great things about this wine is also the 9% alcohol content, which is also an indicator to the higher sugar as fermentation has been arrested to keep the lowe alcohol and will therefore leave more residual sugar. Lunch time wine anyone? The residual sugar makes up for what the alcohol takes away from the body of the wine. What you’re left with is a moorish and excellent wine that tastes as though it was made in the Mosel.

Ideal food pairing? Something spicy, such as Thai or Indian curry or even a meaty white fish, such as Monkfish with a creamy sauce.


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