What We Were Drinking For Christmas

This Christmas I spent my time off with my girlfriend and her lovely family in Clare. Christmas morning we all got up, wished each other well and sat down to open presents and eat breakfast with a glass of something bubbly. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had been looking for some alternatives to…… Continue reading What We Were Drinking For Christmas

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All That Sparkles

It’s that time of year again. Family arguments, unwanted gifts and it being somehow acceptable to have a glass of something sparkling and alcoholic at 11am in the morning. And at some point over the next few weeks we will all be sipping a glass of something fizzy. Even if you don’t like the stuff, you’ll…… Continue reading All That Sparkles

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Would You Like To Try The Wine, Sir?

You fumble your way through the pages of the wine list. Château something, random Classico, and then you spot a word you recognise, something you and your dining partner like and within budget, perfect! You order it from the waiter and wait patiently. The bottle is brought to the table and shown to you. You…… Continue reading Would You Like To Try The Wine, Sir?


Fruit Juice For Adults

Matt Skinner, the head of wine at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fifteen’ restaurants once said that wine is “fruit juice for adults” and I couldn’t agree more. In my time learning about and working with wine, I’ve noticed people can shy away from talking about wine in front of others, because they feel that they don’t know…… Continue reading Fruit Juice For Adults