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Phil’s Weekend Wine Tip: Domaine La Baume ‘Elisabeth’ Viognier 2015 (SuperValu €10 reduced from €12)

This week’s recommend comes from a grape that is less well known than a lot of others, but can produce some outstanding wines, which often get overlooked.

Viognier is one of my favourite grapes, although I usually find it in a  blended wine accompanied by another grape such as Chenin Blanc. It is a grape that produces very aromatic wine and is the variety used to make the white wines of the northern Rhone and originally hails from the south of France.

This Domaine La Baume ‘Elisabeth’ Viognier is from the Languedoc region in the south of France. Here, winemakers will make wines using more modern methods than other parts of France and will quite often produce wines that express the grape, as well as the winemaking techniques and terroir.

Quite often Viognier can be oaked to add sweet spice to the flavour profile, although this Domaine La Baume wine has been left to express the variety. It has a full body and oily texture and lovely golden colour. It has big aromas and flavours of white flowers, honey and peach, all of which are typical of Viognier. If you’re having a roast this weekend this wine will be the perfect accompaniment to it. Chicken would be the choice pairing, although any other rich meat or veg will go with it just as well.


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