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Phil’s Weekend Wine Tip: Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz 2012 (SuperValu €13 – Reduced from €16.99)

If you like your wines full bodied and punchy grab a bottle or two of Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz this weekend from SuperValu for €13. Also known as Syrah in Europe, the Shiraz grape makes deep, powerful and full bodied wines and is synonymous with the Barossa Valley where it thrives. The lads at Barossa Valley Estate are relatively new to the area, and only began making wine there in 1985.

The Barossa Valley is situated in South Australia and is a neighbour of other famous regions such as Eden Valley and McLaren Vale. You’ll also find top quality Rieslings and Cabernet Sauvignons from the Barossa Valley too, but their Shiraz is where it’s at. The hot, dry climate of the Barossa Valley suits the Shiraz grape very well. The thick skins will allow it to lap up the sun and ripen to provide excellent fruit character as well as good tannins for the wine.

Big, bold and exactly what you want from an Aussie Shiraz, this wine is a different style to the more restrained European Syrahs. The Shiraz has strong hints of dark fruit (plum, cherry), spice (pepper, cloves), black olive and a lovely taste of dark chocolate. Enjoyable as a glass by itself, however my own recommendation would be to pair it with meat. Try it with lamb, steak or a anything with a rich dark sauce and you’ll taste it at it’s best. At €13 it isn’t going to break the bank, so stock up!


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