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Phil’s Weekend Wine Tip: Cimarosa Chenin Blanc (Lidl €5.49)

If you’re looking for something easy drinking for the weekend, then look no further than the Cimarosa South African Chenin Blanc from Lidl for €5.49.  Cimarosa is Lidl’s wine supply partner and they have a good range of wines that they provide Lidl with, sourced from all over the globe.

Chenin blanc is an extremely versatile grape originally from the Loire region of France. It can be found in a multitude of styles ranging from dry and still, to sparkling or sweet. It is also the most widely planted grape in South Africa, where it has gained a good reputation and is known as ‘Steen’. The Chenin Blanc Cimerosa is from the Western Cape of South Africa. This means that the winemaker can source the best grapes for their budget, from anywhere in that geographical unit. With the Western Cape encompassing a pretty large area of South Africa a good selection of grapes will be available to the winemaker.

What you’ll find in this wine is a great example of a Chenin Blanc from South Africa. Lovely green apple flavours and a nice stone fruit smell, think peaches and nectarines. A slight hint of something floral in there as well.  It’s a great wine to quaff on it’s own, or pair it’s acidity and flavours perfectly with chicken or fish. It’s not going to blow your mind, but it’s not supposed to. For anyone on a budget and looking for something easy drinking and a change from the usual Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, then look no further.


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